About Us

In 2006, I noted a lack of available training for Californians who wanted to legally carry a concealed weapon and also for those who needed to refresh their Concealed Carry Weapon certification. Through my research and experience, I discovered many trainers were not adequately preparing permitees for the responsibilities associated with regular concealed carry of firearms.

In order to address this issue, I formed Advantage Personal Defense and Tactics, and began CCW classes in San Luis Obispo County in California. As my exposure, training and experience grew, I expanded the business to address similar inadequacies in related areas of training, with a primary focus on Law Enforcement.

Shrinking budgets and reduced manpower for many Law Enforcement Agencies created a need for effective firearms training resources for Law Enforcement Officers. Advantage Personal Defensive and Tactics now provides Basic and Tactical Defensive Firearms and Less Than Lethal Weapons training to officers from several agencies, as well as Alan Hancock College Police Academy.

Advantage Personal Defense and Tactics also currently provides complimentary Cerification for Retired Law Enforcement Offiers per HR 218.

In addition to training resources, Advantage Personal Defense and Tactics offers a complete on-site weapons safety certification, maintenance and inventory plan for law enforcement agencies, further freeing manpower resources from the associated administrative burdens.

In response to numerous inquiries, I discovered a need also exists for civilian training for the carry and use of Pepper Spray, Taser and Self Defense Tactics. Related courses and Certification programs are now offered as part of our expanding programs.

Read the article "Adult Learning Concepts for an Effective Firearms Instructor" written by Ian McKnight, and published in The Firearms Instructor Magazine, Issue #49